Classes and Seminars

Classes & Seminars

BTP prides itself on the caliber of talent possessed by our faculty. BTP is unparalleled in bringing to its students the best training and guidance necessary in order to pursue a career in musical theatre. This faculty is adept at teaching while continuing to build a better Broadway and performing arts world everyday.

Our residential life faculty members help the students learn how to decompress at the hotel once the learning and rehearsal day has ended. Their goal is to encourage the apprentice who has finished the work day to become the young man or woman with a healthy outlook toward what has transpired thus far during this Broadway-based program.

During BTP’s three-week session, artists who are creatives or performers or both, describe how their individual roads are navigated while moving toward and through this chosen profession. The students enjoy having the opportunity to speak with their teachers (as there are many opportunities to do so) as their questions can be asked and answered quite frankly by those who have made a definite difference in the musical theatre arena.

BTP is the only summer institute that offers apprentices such breadth of education in preparation of a musical theatre career. The Project feels that it is imperative to expose the apprentices to as many styles, techniques and methods that are being used today in the performing arts world and professional entertainment industry. Some examples of classes and seminars offered are listed below:


  1. Fosse Style
  2. Luigi Technique
  3. Jazz Styles
  4. Jazz Funk
  5. Contemporary Ballet
  6. Modern
  7. Ballroom
  8. Theatre Tap
  9. Rhythm Tap
  10. Choreography
  11. The Dance Audition


  1. Acting Methods
  2. Building a Character
  3. Monologue Work
  4. Scene Study
  5. Improvisation
  6. Private Acting Instruction
  7. The Acting Audition


  1. Vocal Pedagogy and Technique
  2. Vocal Styling (from operatic to contemporary)
  3. Speech and Diction
  4. Song as Monologue
  5. Private Vocal Instruction
  6. The Vocal Audition

PLUS! – A BTP-developed course that merges dance, voice and acting in order for the student to find the connection between all three disciplines.


  1. The College Selection Process
  2. Becoming a Professional Artist in NYC: Where Do I Start?
  3. Musical Theatre Heritage and History
  4. Choreography
  5. Collaboration