Summer Festival

BTP Summer Festival

A small festival will be held at the end of the project for parents and families of the apprentices. This event will include performances, lectures pertaining to whether to make the move into the professional arena upon graduation from high school or to continue one’s studies in a university or at a conservatory, the college selection process, demonstrations of what the apprentices have experienced during their three week tenure at Broadway Theatre Project, Q&A sessions with the faculty, informal discussions on topics such as careers steeped in musical theatre but not located on Broadway. An example of this would be life on the high seas as more and more audiences on cruise lines desire Broadway entertainment and given the few jobs on Broadway and the high quality of these Broadway shows on several specific cruise lines, this has become an extremely popular career path for young performers.

This year’s end-of-Project Summer Festival will be unlike any we’ve had in the past. For the first time in Project history, we are planning an original production for the Summer Festival this year which promises to be a collaborative experience that is going to make its mark in our theatrical orbit!